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Whatever It Takes
This ideology is at  the very core of what we do.  We believe that individuals with disabilities have a  valuable role in all of our lives, communities and hearts.  Our Guiding Principles are listed in our booklet Living a Self Determined Life, A Guide for Navigating Support Services for Individuals with Disabilities in Pulaski County.
You won’t find a cookie cutter approach here.  We believe that each individual, family and community has different strengths and needs.  One size does not fit all, so we work to ensure that we understand and are focused on linking the individual with resources and assisting in building a life.
An answer of “No, we can’t” is replaced by “How can we make this happen?”  There is a commitment to help individuals determine their dreams, respect their dreams , and help their dreams come true.  We believe planning is a crucial part of moving individuals forward and onto “Living the good life!”.
Community Building

From this web site you should be able to access links to valuable resources, learn how to access services and get up to date information that pertains to your services, among other features.  We will strive to keep our web site in tip top shape adding needed information or suggestions to improve the flow of communication and knowledge.  We have moved so check out our new location at 105 Ichord Avenue, Waynesville MO 65583.


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